Let us take you on an incredible journey through the magical Kingdom of Bhutan!

Still embracing it's traditional ways, where it's people wear their colourful Gho and Kira dress, Bhutan is the only country in the world which measures Gross National Happiness!

Unbelievably unique and rich in Buddhist tradition, the Bhutanese live a spiritual and unspoiled way of life which very few visitors get to experience.

Your journey through this amazing Himalayan kingdom will be a life-changing experience. In the spirit of Bhutan's low-impact, culturally-sensitive tourism policy, we provide exceptional, affordable, all-inclusive packages to this unique  Kingdom of untouched beauty.

Dream Bhutan Travel & Tours offers you several choices of tours; from breathtaking treks in the Himalayas to wonderful cultural discoveries of ancient monasteries and fortresses.

You'll meet the most lovely people, and experience this unique, unspoiled wonderland that is the Kingdom of Bhutan.