Bhutan Trek

Wedged between husky giant neighbors – China to the north and India to the south, east and west, Bhutan is a small Himalayan Kingdom about half the size of Indiana. The Himalayan peaks walled the country to the northern edge; Chomolhari (7,313m) and the unclimbed Gangkar Puensum (7,540m) are some of the famous one. Spectacular mountainous landscapes, thick forest, deep valleys, traditional customs and white-painted monasteries-Dzong are the significant features of the country as the mysterious Buddhist festival (Tsechus) are celebrate with high beliefs and faiths. It is the country where Himalayas are worshipped and Gross National Happiness (GNH) is rated high than Gross National Product (GHP). Bhutan has remained fairly isolated from the rest of the world until mid-seventies; this is way ancient Buddhist culture and traditional way of living still dominates. Trekking in Bhutan is wonderful and thrilling experience which allows travelers to get off the beaten track and enjoy the magnificent Himalayan peaks and authentic culture. About 75% of landscapes in Bhutan is covered by forests and entire northern part is lined with Himalayan ranges. Most of trek routes meanders through the protected areas and there is probability to discover wildlife in their natural habitat. The adventure trek offered by Dream Bhutan ranges from short and easy walks through terraced fields and secluded hamlets to strenuous high altitude trek through challenging mountain terrain. The low altitude treks in Bhutan goes to 3,100m plus altitude and high altitude takes like Druk Path trek takes you to 5,400m elevation. We have customize Bhutan trek itinerary that ensure proper acclimatization and exploration. Most of our treks in Bhutan are organized in camping mode as there are no lodges or teahouses along the route. The trekking region are Bhutan are remote and possess least tourism infrastructure; the region is yet flourished by the impact of mass tourism. The camping site on the trial is set up on dramatic locations where there are ample water source and meadows to feed ponies. The trekking crew of Dream Bhutan will step up the camp, carry your food stuffs, luggage and medicinal kit. When is the best season to trek in Bhutan? Spring (March – April) and autumn (late September – mid December) are considered as the best time of the year for Bhutan trekking. The night are colder at high altitude in autumn (ranging from 10 degree Celsius – 20 degree Celsius) but days remain warm with wonderful views which is perfect for trekking. The entire trekking trail are blessed with incredible rhododendron flower along with magnificent Himalayan views in spring. Spring and autumn are generally peak season in Bhutan; we recommend you to book your accommodation and flight beforehand. During the trek, you will many trekkers camping right next to you. Our low altitude trek starts from July – August when the weather is quite wet for the trek. Why Dream Bhutan for Bhutan Trekking? We are the team of young and professional travel operator who have years of experience in field of travel and trekking tours in Bhutan. We take safety factor and personalized care at major concern. Our medical and safety are second to none. Our trekking group leader and guides are well-trained and experienced on Wilderness First Aid Medical Course and years of experience made them expert to deal efficiently with any situation during the trek. Dream Bhutan provides high quality services and facilities with flexibility at the best rate to exceed your expectation. We do not charge any hidden or extra cost. We do not compromise on safety and offer high quality trekking gears and selection of food to meet and surpass the client’s preference.

Bumthang Cultural Trek

Bumthang cultural trek is a fairly easy trek that goes through stunning valleys, trout filled rivers, idyllic villages, lush forest and ancient but ornate monasteries. Trekkers will visit plenty of ancient temples and the interesting part is; each temple is connected to the myths and legends.

Bhutan Dagala Trek

Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek is short and moderately challenging camping trek near Thimphu passes through series of high altitude lakes filled with variety of aquatic life. Trekkers need to negotiate few steep sections but there are plenty of spot to rest, re-fuel and re-energize. The majestic beauty of nature keeps you pushing to walk far and beyond.

Bhutan Druk Path Trek

Bhutan Drukpath Trekking is one of the most wonderful trek in the country which goes through magnificent natural landscape of blue pine forests, high ridges and simmering lakes while offering an opportunity to explore ancient ornate Lhakhangs, Dzongs and Monasteries.

Bhutan Gangtey Trek

Gangtey Trek in Bhutan is short and exotic trek that leads you to experience the glacial valley of Bhutan. This relatively easy trail visits Gogna and Khotoka passing through the forest

Bhutan Jhomolhari Trek

Jhomolhari Trekking offers superb introduction to rural Bhutan and its towering peaks. The trekking package is designed to ensure you a proper acclimatization with a reasonable gain in altitude per day.

Bhutan Snowman Trek

Starting out at Punakha, this unique and challenging itinerary spends three days climbing the steep gorge leading to Laya before crossing the mighty Karakachu La to enter Lunana proper. After spending seven days