Bhutan Festival Tour

Fairs and Festival Holidays in Bhutan

Experience the living culture of Bhutan on exotic Bhutan festival trip package. Travelers get privilege to witness the ancient culture and tradition through various fairs and festivals celebrated in Bhutan. The rites and the rituals praised by the Bhutanese and the constant enthusiasm and the faith of people, adds more charm to this trip.

For travelers, Bhutan Festival Tour is the great way to experience the local-ness of a place and observe life at close quarters. Whole cities, town and villages are bloomed in bright colors and the people are in full spirituality form. One can assure the wonderful times and a great insight of local flavor of a place. With our festival tour, you can witness some of the venerated and significant festivals which are followed with great faiths. With every festival tour in Bhutan, you will immerse deep into the cultural and historical event behind it. We have customized some of the best festival tours to let you enjoy the pure “faith and spirit” of Bhutan.

People wear their finest traditional clothes, put on their cultural jewelry, cook delicious cuisine and celebrate their ancient Buddhist festivals. Travelers get opportunity to learn the meaning of their reliving.

Punakha Tsechu and Punakha Dromchoe are celebrated in early spring. Later in main spring, the famous Talo village festival along with Paro Tsechu festival are celebrated where one can witness the unfurling of giant Thankas. Likewise, in autumn you will enjoy the three festivals of Wangdiphodrang, Gangtey and ThimpuTsechu festival. This festive tour allows you to immerse deep into the rich culture and natural beauty of this peaceful kingdom without feeling that you are bused around.

The Bhutan Festival Tours are highly popular; so we recommend you to book the flight and accommodation in advance.

Throughout the year, Tibet is never short of exciting and exotic festivals.

Unlike the other carnival atmosphere you’ve experienced elsewhere, festivities of Tibetan festivals carry a strong influence of Tibetan Buddhism. Whether when it comes to gigantic Thangka Buddha unfolding ceremony and yogurt eating during Shoton Festival in Lhasa or massive Tibetan pilgrims prostrating around holy Mt. Kailash on Saga Dawa Festival, etc, you will find the time-honored traditions and legendary Buddhist stories are deeply-rooted in Tibetan culture and Tibetans’ daily life.

Other top of that, the stunning alpine topography and unique climate on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau also help to breed a great number of festivals, honoring great nature and happy life. Festivals like Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival, Nagqu Horse Racing Festival, Ongkor Festival for bumper harvest are purely observed for marrying-making and gratitude towards harmonious life between human beings and nature.

Our Tibet travel experts know where and how to how to experience the essence of Tibetan culture during Tibetan festivals. And they will show you what a different Tibet looks like during its traditional festivals. Join us, for the remarkable journey.

Paro Tsechu Festival Tour

For cultural explorer, Bhutan presents different Buddhist festivals that promises a wonderful opportunity to experience the Bhutanese culture and customs. Paro Tsechu festival lets you experience

Takin Festival Tour

The Takin Festival Tour is once in a lifetime opportunity to have close glimpse of Bhutan’s national animal, the Takin

Thimphu Tsechu Festival tour

Thimpu Tsechu Festival Tour is one of the popular tour package in Bhutan. The Thimpu Tshechu Festival begins on the 10th day of the 8th lunar month.

Punakha Festival tour

Punakha Festival Tour offers an opportunity to witness the unique mask dances and folk dances along with joker’s action in the crowd.